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tips for modern shop living
April 4, 2010


I just came across Gord Peteran's top ten shop rules and they made me chuckle - Here they are (without permission hopefully that's ok) from his exhibition catalog Furniture Meets Its Maker:

Always error on the side of ridiculous.

If something's not worth doing, it's worth not doing well.

If something's not worth doing well, it might be worth doing perfectly.

Charge a lot of money.

The source of creativity is a short attention span.

Procrastination is good, because panic, confusion, sweat, danger, lying to clients, not eating, not sleeping and riding on credit builds character.

Learn to shut up.

Burn all mistakes thoroughly.

Medically speaking, your head is connected to your ass.

Plan on going to hell.

Never hire someone capable of emotions.

What people say is quite often a clue to what they're thinking.



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