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danish furniture
September 12, 2013

The Collective Good is having a big vintage Danish furniture sale this weekend!

Check it out here:


tcg furniture sale.jpg

the collective good
June 4, 2013

The finest design shop north of 60 opens tomorrow in Whitehorse! I'll have a few small furniture pieces for sale along with some wooden doodads. Open Thursday, Friday and Saturday in Horwoods - down the hall from Baked cafe.

I'm on pretty good terms with the owner and most of the time she's pretty friendly...


small avatar.jpg

concrete block
February 28, 2013

The concrete block is often used as a crude building material or as a support in a makeshift student bookcase but it is such a dynamic form that deserves its own platform. Here it is upsized to serve as a bench or small table.


bread tag
February 28, 2013

I just finished this coffee table: An examination of the everyday objects that surround us - the humble bread tag is often unnoticed, easily disposed of but instantly recognizable. Here it is elevated in order to highlight a small but iconic piece of good design.


February 21, 2013

I spent the month of September with the family hanging out in Brooklyn and was lucky enough to take a side trip to New Hope, Pennsylvania to tour the Nakashima studio. We even got to peek in the wood barn.




nakashima studio.jpg

nakashima barn.jpg

modern burl
November 16, 2011

The finest pop up shop north of 60 opens tomorrow - run by three dynamic young business ladies it should be the place to be tomorrow night. Check it out at:
http://modernburl.blogspot.com/ or on Facebook

I'll have a few wooden thingamajigs and doodads for sale.


canadian design resource again
April 6, 2011

My urban dog stick was recently posted to the Canadian Design Resource:

Canadian Design Resource


A slick accessory for the urban hipster dog owner. It's a commentary on the disconnectedness of people with nature and the appalling lack of good sticks in the inner city. It comes in different sizes and will look as good on the way to the park as in the park.

Would you let your best friend chew on a stick that was just found lying on the ground?

this magazine
April 6, 2011

A nice little profile of me in the fall edition of This Magazine. Now that it's off the news stand I thought I should post it for the masses on the interweb....



stahl house
November 22, 2010

We were lucky enough to get in on a tour of the Stahl house. The house is Instantly recognized by the iconic Julius Shulman photograph with the lights of LA spreading out in the valley below.

stahlhouse3.jpgKnown as Case Study House #22 it was designed in 1959 by Pierre Koenig and unlike the Eames house you also get to go inside (and crawl around).

For some reason the owners signed a deal with Design Within Reach to furnish the house - Herman Miller would have been my choice - i'm just saying....



LA Time Story

eames 2.0
November 21, 2010

We couldn't resist going back to the Eames house for another look around - and so Stellan could ride the elephant - which apparently was not by Eames but a gift from a friend.


We're hoping to base an addition to our house on the interior of the Eames house so it was good to get another peek inside.