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may i show you the door
October 24, 2008

gommdoor.jpg gommdoor2.jpg

Building an exterior door in the Yukon is fraught with peril - not the actual construction but the sleepless nights spent wondering whether the door will stay true in the dead of winter when it's -40c outside and +20c inside.

This door is made with an insulated core which should serve as a thermal break and allow the outside of the door to expand and contract independently of the inside.

Both the door and the sidelights are made of vertical grain fir. The door is veneered with 3/16 fir that I sliced on the bandsaw and glued up in my vacuum press - it's nice to have a full 8' bag to get the door in with plenty of room to spare. I also had to modify the door hardware to accommodate the nearly 3" thickness - nothing better than cutting aluminum bar stock on the tablesaw.

I'll return to the site in a couple of weeks to trim the door with vertical grain fir - after the carpenters 'get their act together' and side the exterior.


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